RPM Raceway Stamford, CT, NOW OPEN!

Pro's start in a go-kart.
Its your turn.

Racing Lessons


Most pro driver’s careers started on the go-kart track. They’re a scaled-down version of the real deal, after all. Go-kart racing is where they learned the craft of driving and the skills and strategy of racing. It’s where they learned about handling speed, braking into corners, and exiting them quickly. You can learn these and other racing techniques with RPM Raceway’s go-kart racing lessons.

Racing Clinic

If you’d like a little 1-on-1 attention, RPM Raceway’s racing clinic is the place to start. Walk the track with an instructor to learn about racing lines and braking points, and proper passing techniques. Then, get on the track and drive! Analyze your race performance to improve your driving technique. This 3-level clinic will give you the foundation that you need to succeed at racing. Book a lesson and race down the path to becoming a competitive driver.

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Academy of Racing Science

COMING SOON - The Academy of Racing Science is committed to making science, technology, engineering and math more exciting and relevant for middle school students. The Academy’s rigorous curriculum is aligned with national, state, and Next Generation Science Standards. Students learn about these critical topics from engineers while zooming around the track in high-tech, electric racing karts. The fast-paced lessons make STEM more fun!