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There’s a reason that every professional driver started their career in a go-kart. They’re the perfect vehicle for practicing the craft of driving before stepping into something faster.

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RPM Raceway’s electric go-karts are designed to give you a taste of the challenge of formula racing. Push the limits of recreational kart speeds. Don’t lose time in the corners, master the braking zones. Use the brakes at the right moment to lose as little time as possible in the corner. Punch it and explode out of the turn and down the straightaway. These are skills that any pro has mastered.

Our go-karts give you the ability to try these skills out for yourself. And they’re safe enough for drivers with no racing experience. Our karts can be electronically controlled in case someone decides to play demolition derby. And because they’re electric, our karts are also emission-free. So don’t worry about the fumes or special clothing. All you need is closed toed shoes.

The best way to learn more about our karts is to race them. Come to RPM Raceway and get the high-RPM experience.


Italian karts are designed to imitate formula race cars. Side by side racing is done on European tracks with hairpin turns and straightaways, which enable the real feel of a speedway. RPM Raceway hosts racing events which culminate in a main event with medals at the Winners Circle Podium.


The low end torque of an electric kart means immediate and rapid acceleration on the track, with speeds up to 45 mph. The track is conditioned to optimize the grip and traction for superior performance.


Go-karts can be slowed down or stopped by the pit controller in the event of reckless driving or other incidents. Our karts are electric, so no fumes or emissions. Racers are divided into 3 categories for safe and competitive races.


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