RPM Raceway Stamford, CT, NOW OPEN!

Everything you always wanted to know about electric go-karts, racing, and RPM Raceway.

A: RPM Raceway has 6 locations:
Jersey City, NJ: 99 Caven Point Rd. Jersey City, 07305:
Farmindale, NY : 40 Daniel St. Farmingdale, NY 11735:
Stamford, CT: 600 West Ave. Stamford, CT 06902:
Buffalo, NY: 1 Walden Galleria, Buffalo, NY 14225:
Syracuse, NY: 9090 Destiny USA Dr. Syracuse, NY 13204:
Rochester, NY: 17 Miracle Mile Dr. Rochester, NY 14623:
A: RPM Raceway is open 7 days a week for arrive-and-drive racing. Check location page for operating hours of each facility.
A: There is no set weight requirement, however, the parameters we can suggest is someone more than 250 – 275 lbs may not be as comfortable, though we encourage all to race. We’ve had NFL Linebackers in our karts! As for height, a racer must be at least 4’ tall (and 6 years old) to race in a junior kart and at least 4’ 10” to race in an adult kart.
A: It’s best to wear comfortable clothing. It is required that you wear closed-toed shoes. We provide a head sock and helmets for all racers If you have your own helmet, you are permitted to wear it, as long as it is equipped with a full-face cover and DOT certified.
A: No, all our karts are single person karts. If a child does not meet the height requirement, our facilities have additional experiences for smaller children (check with each location on what attractions are offered.)
A: No prior racing experience is needed. All racers will view a safety video prior to racing to brief them on how to operate a kart, rules and guidelines of the track.
A: Yes! If you do not have a license you can race in an adult non-licensed race with other non-licensed adults.
A: Due to state regulations we are not able to race adult karts and junior karts on the track at the same time. We separate racers into 3 categories – junior, non-licensed adults and licensed adults. All are separate categories and race with others of the like.
A: Length of a race varies by location:
Jersey City: 14 laps
Long Island: 12 laps
Stamford: 18 laps
Buffalo: 14 laps
Syracuse: 14 laps
Rochester: 14 laps
The cost per race for Jersey City, Farmingdale and Stamford members is $20, and $18 for members in Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester. Races for non-members in Jersey City, Farmingdale and Stamford is $30 and non-members in Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester is $25.
A: We have 3 speeds at RPM Raceway: adult speed which is speed 4 that goes up to 45 mph, non-licensed which is speed 3 and goes up to 35 MPH and our Junior karts which goes up to 25 MPH
A: An annual membership is a once-a-year fee of $55. When you purchase a membership you receive a free race the day you purchase, the option to purchase a second race at half off, a free race on your second visit, an RPM Raceway t-shirt and monthly member discounts.
A: You do not need to a member to race. You can come in for arrive-and-drive racing.
A: We host Super G every Monday, where we combine our 2 tracks into 1. In addition to the tracks being combined, whoever puts up the fastest lap at each of our tracks wins a free race! This is only in Stamford, Jersey City and Long Island.
A: Yes, we hold seasonal racing leagues. Check our website and social media platforms for upcoming dates and times
A: No reservations are required for arrive and drive racing. Come in anytime as we’re open 7 days a week!
A: Wait times to race vary based on location, day and time of day. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what the wait time will be ahead of time. If there is a wait, you will be put into the race queue and scheduled into a race accordingly. In the interim, you can take advantage of the other experiences our facilities have to offer. Please note we do our absolute best to keep the pace moving!
A: Yes, we offer a 10% off discount to all active and retired military personnel. Show your military ID to a guest service representative to receive the discount.
A: At the current time we are not offering races for purchase online.
A: A gift card can be purchased at the facility or over the phone. If purchasing over the phone, you will have to fill out and send back a credit authorization form. Your gift card will then be processed and sent to you via mail.
A: There is a minimum of 8 people needed to book a racing event. You can book an event with less than 8 people but will need to pay for the full 8 to block out the race slot. We offer birthday packages as well as corporate events
A: Yes, you can buyout a track for an event. Pricing and availability will vary per location. Please contact one of our event sales managers for details.