RPM Raceway Stamford, CT, NOW OPEN!

Driving Tips

At RPM Raceway, your race is against the clock to achieve the fastest race time.

The best way to obtain a fast lap is to drive smooth around the turns and not slide or drift your kart. That will scrub time off your speed and effect lap time. Another word, smooth driving is faster. In most cases, you’re racing for fastest lap and not for position so you have many laps to refine your technique and improve your time.

You must have your visor down for safety reasons while racing and until you are back in the pits. Do not race with a cell phone in your pocket. We are not liable or responsible for anyone’s personal items. Please leave your personal items in a locker and NOT left loosely in the Directors booth.

Our high-performance karts also have a forward / reverse switch. In the case that you spin out, the switch is located above or below the steering wheel depending on the kart. Take both your feet off the accelerator AND brake pedals, PRESS AND HOLD the reverse switch down to back up and then press accelerator petal at same time. Once you are clear of obstacle and finished reversing, take both feet off both pedals again, release reverse switch to forward position and then press accelerator pedal to resume racing. Before you back up, please make sure that the track is clear and you aren’t backing into the path of on-coming karts.

If there is an on-track incident, spin-out or reckless driving, it’s possible we will stop all karts on the track. If you get stopped on the track for any reason, please take your foot off the accelerator until you are instructed to return to racing.

Our RPM crew members are in the pit to help you. If you have questions, please ask!