RPM Raceway Poughkeepsie is now open!

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At RPM Raceway, everyone gets the high-RPM experience. Drive go-karts that introduce you to the craft of real racing. Cut corners on tracks designed off formula speedways. No license required. No experience needed.

Every racing champion started in a go-kart. Now it’s your turn. Grab a helmet. Buckle up. Let’s race!

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quit your day job

for a few hours

Forget the typical office party. No more trust falls or water cooler talk. Quit your day jobs for a few hours and be race car drivers. Put the pedal to the metal. At RPM Raceway, rent a go-kart track and find out who the office speed demons are. Or, rent out the whole building, arcade and all. Your office party stories will never be the same.

RPM Raceway is the ultimate corporate event venue. Company party? Let’s race! Birthday party? Team Building? Let’s race! Corporate retreat? You get the idea. Check out our group event packages and find one that will take your company party to the redline.

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keep yourself

firing on all cylinders

All that white-knuckle racing can work up an appetite. Whether you need a snack between races or catering for your pit crew, we’ve got you covered. Call our event managers who will share what’s cooking at each location. Fuel up Recharge and get back in the driver’s seat!

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We won’t tell anybody. Not all of us are wired for the high-rev life. There is fun and excitement for everyone you at RPM Raceway. Each of our locations has a full arcade and other attractions for all ages every age in the family. Find out what games are available at your location.

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